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Nestled in the heart of North Central Pennsylvania's abundant hardwood forests, Lewis & Hockenberry, Inc. provides kiln-dried dimension hardwood products to a worldwide market. Our location near Emporium, PA in the Allegheny Mountains of the Appalachian Mountain system provides access to a unique blend of hardwood species from which our products are manufactured.!

Lewis & Hockenberry is a leading innovator in kiln-drying technology. While we continue to offer products dried in conventional kilns, our unique partnership with a top vacuum kiln developer gives you the opportunity to purchase squares and other dimension dried using some of today's most advanced technology. The quality of the vacuum dried wood is excellent possessing beautiful bright color.!

Our products include:

Come on in, to learn more about us, our products, our current inventory, and why you should choose Lewis & Hockenberry as a supplier.




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Lewis & Hockenberry
4725 Rich Valley Rd, Emporium, PA 15834
Telephone 814-486-0359 • FAX 814-486-3400

Email: info@lewhoc.net



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